Our students’ success stories

Whether from the Bachelor’s in International Culinary Arts Management, the Bachelor’s in International Pastry Management or the Bachelor’s in International Hospitality & Restaurant Management, every year our students participate in a range of competitions with great results! Today we’re taking a look back at these formidable achievements. Looking back at their success stories !

Bachelor in International Culinary Arts Management

Young Talents Competition, Chefs of tomorrow – September 2023

Jérémy Faucon, a 3rd year student, obtained a very honourable 2nd place during the competition organised in Rennes last September. The event, aimed at apprentices and young cooks, provides an opportunity to highlight up-and-coming talents.

Oyster Chef Challenge – November 2023

Héloïse TEULAT, a 2nd year student with a scholarship from Institut Lyfe Foundation, claimed the bronze medal in the Oyster Chef Challenge for her two dishes featuring Marennes Oléron oysters as the main ingredient.




French Pâté-Croûte Championship for hospitality schools – December 2023

Held alongside the French Championship for professionals, this competition reserved for students has been organised since 2019. Summer Wong clinched 3rd place on the podium ahead of 12 other candidates.

“When I arrived at Institut Lyfe, as an international student, I was afraid that I wouldn’t fit in and that I wouldn’t be able to learn properly due to language and cultural barriers. But by taking part in the competition, I was able to work with chefs from the school, to get their invaluable advice and learn the traditional French recipe from them. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve 3rd place without the support of the school and the trainers. I want to express my gratitude and thank everyone who supported me.”

IKA/Culinary Olympics – February 2024

Several of our Culinary Arts students participated in the KA/Culinary Olympics: Illia Vasvutinski put together the national junior team for Ukraine to compete in this international event. He was accompanied by several other young cooks, including Bahar Aghamalova and Alexandra Zara.

French Dessert Championship – APRIL 2024

After qualifying for the Centre-Est regional selection for the French Dessert Championship, 3rd-year student Marin Rabbe came third in the national final. Like a notebook crammed with memories, “Citrus Flower” evokes the encounters and trips that have marked Marin’s journey.





Xinyu Pan, a 3rd year student in the Bachelor International Management of Culinary Arts, came first in the Faisselle Créativ’ Challenge. With her recipe, L’Edelweiss du Mont Blanc, she won over a panel of judges including Johanna Le Pape, World Champion in Sweet Arts.





Bachelor in International Pastry Management

Mondial de la Praline – January 2024

Valentine Vugier, a 1st year student, took part in the Praline World Cup in the praline tart category. Up against nine other hopefuls and judged by a jury of chefs including Jean-François Têtedoie and Fabrice Bonnot, our pastry chef trainers supported Valentine to produce the best possible recipe!


Violette Pouliquen and Lou Ben Soussan Marco, 3rd year students in the Bachelor in International Pastry Management programme, took part in the junior category competition organised as part of the 20th Croquembouches festival. Working in pairs, they came 2nd!





Jeanne Boissellier, a 2nd year student in Bachelor’s in International Pastry Management, came 1st in the Fruits de Talent 2024 competition organised by Andros Chef. With the theme ‘Red fruits and berries – a fusion of culinary inspirations and world flavours’, her rigour, determination and creativity also earned her the ‘People’s Favourite’ award.




Bachelor in International Hospitality and Restaurant Management

Get Up 4 Tourism – January 2024

Four of our 4th year students were victorious at the 2024 edition of Get Up 4 Tourism, an inter-school challenge organised by TFHTS, an association that brings together four specialised Top French Hospitality and Tourism Schools.


We worked on this project right up to the last. The topic really interested us and we were pleased to present our invention. The jury found it to be coherent, feasible and innovative. It was a really great experience as a team, and we are proud to have brought the victory back to Lyon and Institut Lyfe.

EM Cup – January 2024

Claire MONTROUSSIER, Valentine VACHER, Gabriel CHAMBET and Vianney HARTMANN, all 3rd year students, went to Maastricht to present their work on the theme of “When artificial intelligence meets human intelligence”.



At the 6th edition of the Trophée National de Service en Salle Frédéric Delair, Emma Remond and Bastien Vauthier, students in the Bachelor in International Restaurant Management course, came 3rd in the national competition dedicated to the professions of service.

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