CSR and Sustainable Development


The pandemic has revealed the positive and indispensable side of our businesses, while also highlighting difficulties in the sector. Food is at the heart of issues of quality, waste, nutrition and health. Trained to become responsible and committed managers of the future, it is essential to mobilise our students on societal and environmental issues so that they can work tomorrow, with their teams, towards creating healthy, inclusive and sustainable environments

From this perspective, we consider the sustainable development goals defined by the UN to be absolute priorities, and in particular the challenges destined to affect training and food in the future.

As part of the “Engaged” project, the CSR committee of the Lyfe Institute has structured its action plan around three pillars: sustainable campus, inclusion & diversity, teaching & research.

  • CSR & sustainable development are disseminated transversely across all programmes with dedicated modules, from the first to the final year (e.g. Diversity management, Sustainable hospitality, Sustainable management of an ERP, Sustainable kitchens, Ethical management).
  • The Lyfe Institute is continuously committed to inclusion and diversity, in particular through its foundation with an objective of 20% scholarship students by 2025
  • Our school follows a protocol for sorting, collecting and recycling waste. It is equipped with a management and reporting tool, aimed at evaluating and improving the environmental impact of the campus. The actions implemented in 2022 led to the following savings :

The Lyfe Institute promotes harmonious human relations and is committed to the values it promotes for a society that respects all individuals, without exception.
We are the first hospitality school to have set up a 360° engagement system: the #TimeForRespect system provides a safety framework, prevents and penalises inappropriate behaviour, whether violence, harassment, discrimination, etc.

  • A relational and behavioural charter engages our entire community: students, teachers, stakeholders and partners. More than 1,000 institutions which host our placement students have already signed it. 
  • A supervisory committee, a multidisciplinary working group, receives reports, processes them, and decides on the sanctions to be applied where necessary.
  • Training is provided to all our students before starting a placement so that they can identify inappropriate behaviours and understand how to respond.

Our Michelin-starred restaurant, Saisons, is equipped with greenhouses with organic beds, using saved seeds that take root directly on living soil. The produce feeds the kitchens of our training restaurant, which has also been equipped with the Winnow artificial intelligence solution, aimed at combatting food waste.

Some figures

  • The Lyfe Institute is a Member of the “Entreprise des Possibles” collective (link to corresponding news)
  • 1,000 companies have already signed our #TimeforRespect charter
  • 100% of students receive training on gender-based and sexual violence
  • 14% scholarship students in first year of bachelor’s in 2022, 20% target by 2025
  • 60 – 90 hours of classes dedicated to sustainability
  • 1 week of mandatory citizen engagement*
  • Eco-campus student association

*Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality and Catering