Pop-up Masterpieces: our Master’s students create their own restaurants

Full immersion in the captivating world of gastronomy and hospitality with the Concept Design & Development project, an innovative educational project for the students on the Master’s degree in Culinary Leadership & Innovation and the MSc. in International Hospitality Management, in partnership with emlyon business school. This enterprising project resulted in the creation of pop-up restaurants that brought together skills, expertise and creativity.


Our master’s students in culinary leadership and hospitality management worked together for several months on this project: from the business plan to the creation of the food & beverage offer, including the search for partnerships, the decor for the pop-up, management of a set budget and a communication plan.

Their aim was to create innovative restaurant concepts delivering cuisine and service, that meet the expectations of today’s clientele and, above all, are viable. Across test phases and teamwork, the two classes had to combine skills in hospitality and culinary innovation and share their ideas to reach a common vision of a restaurant concept capable of winning over the customers of the future. They passed the test with flying colours!


While the students from the Master’s degree in Culinary Leadership & Innovation took control of the kitchens, those from the Msc. in International Hospitality Management coordinated the dining room and pampered the guests. Testing their concept in real-life conditions allowed them to assess the solidity and viability of their project, and to adapt and improve it. Fifteen projects ran successively for almost ten days, catering to both internal and external clients.

These included Mandolina, an Italian trattoria with a touch of Florence, Laghmanji, where the Uyghur chef took customers on an authentic gastronomic journey, and Les P’tits Boudins, an establishment revisiting the renowned quenelle of Lyon.

Before being escorted to their tables, customers were invited to enjoy a delicious cocktail at L’Atelier des Artistes. A team made up 100% of students from the Msc. in International Hospitality Management was responsible for welcoming all guests and immersing them, from the moment they arrived, in an atmosphere where creativity was brought to life with every sip, highlighting the fundamental importance of drinks within the gastronomic experience.

Do you have a passion for food and want to continue your studies in the hospitality or culinary innovation sectors? Our Master’s programmes will provide you with high-level expertise in an international context, and are taught entirely in English.

Are you interested in continuing your studies in the hospitality or culinary innovation sector? Our Master’s programmes will equip you with high-level expertise, in an international context, and are fully taught in English.

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