Master’s degree in Culinary Leadership & Innovation

The Master’s Degree in Culinary Leadership & Innovation gives you a real and strategic overview of the restaurant and food industry.

It prepares future professionals for high-level management positions, providing them with all the skills and tools necessary to adapt, grow and build their professional career.

Haaga-HeliaThe Master’s degree is awarded in partnership with Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

Qualification : Master’s degree awarded by our partner Haaga-Helia UAS.
Duration: 12-month course work (120 ECTS) + 6-month internship
Language of instruction: 100% English
Entry requirement: holders of a degree or equivalent certification*
Start date: End-August
Careers: Concept Developer, Entrepreneur, Research Chef, Culinary Consultant, Executive Chef , F&B Manager, Innovation manager, Food designer
*Also open to applicants with 2 years of higher education and 3 years of managerial experience and to professionals with a lower level of education and at least 5 years of managerial experience (via the VAP).

Develop a strategic vision of culinary management

As a visionary, you seek to acquire a strategic and innovative understanding of the culinary sector and future trends. You are a leader, aiming for a high-level management position that combines creativity and innovation… With your imagination and boldness, you are looking to develop your entrepreneurial spirit.

Chef or graduate of a culinary or hospitality school, business school or simply a passionate person wishing to specialise or retrain in the food industry, our programme will be your springboard to achieve your professional ambitions.



This master’s programme aims to strengthen and develop your managerial skills and research methods, with focus on the world around us. 

You will be trained in two European countries renowned for their food and culinary arts and their innovation and leadership in culinary management: France and Finland.

Our programme, taught entirely in English, is based on an innovative approach that focuses on skill acquisition through collaborative projects, in partnership with leading international companies in the food industry which are at the forefront of innovation.


An intensive seven-even-week culinary arts programme is offered prior to the course if you need to acquire the basic culinary techniques required to undertake the programme.

Other compulsory prerequisites to obtaining the qualification:

  • 6-month internship
  • Final thesis or business plan (report & defence)

Course features*

*Given only as examples

1st semester

In Institut Lyfe campus:

  • Interpreting Foodservice Financial Statements
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • Foodservice Information and Technology Management
  • Food Design Project
  • Concept Design & Development Project
2nd semester

In Institut Lyfe campus:

  • Restaurant Design
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability in Foodservice
  • Foodservice Revenue Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Market Research & Data Analytics
  • New Product Development Project

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences campus – Helsinki, Finland:

  • Culinary Investigation
  • Developing and Managing Experiences
  • Service Design and Product Development in Services
3rd semester

In Institut Lyfe campus:

  • Culinary Leadership
  • Leadership & Change Management
  • Meeting Planning & Events Management
  • Multi-Unit Foodservice Project
4th semester

Thesis or Business Plan
Internship (6 months) or first job or entrepreneurial project

Choice of units subject to a minimum number of students registered
  • Menu Research & Innovation
  • Gastrophysics & Sensorial Exploration
  • Implementing Culinary Trends
  • Fine Dining Immersion Project
  • Gastrophysics & Sensorial Exploration
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Fundamentals of Food Engineering
  • Processed Foods Project
  • Financing Foodservice Businesses
  • Consulting Techniques
  • Implementing Culinary Trends
  • In-Company Consulting Project
  • Financing Foodservice Businesses
  • Implementing Culinary Trends
  • Foodservice Marketing & Communication
  • Advanced Business Planning Project

Why choose us?


  • Make academic excellence your choice: our course has been awarded the international prize for innovation by Eduniversal.
  • Decide to be unique: we are the only school to offer such a course
  • Discover the world through immersion in Finland with our partner Haaga Helia, universally acknowledged for its innovative teaching methods.
  • Improve your ability to work in multi-cultural business settings with 72 nationalities on campus, some 10 of which are enrolled in the MCLI programme every year.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice through business projects carried out with our partners such as General Mills, Kraft-Heinz, Aryzta, Getty’s, Sirha, Food Service Vision, etc.
  • Develop your scientific culture with R&D projects in collaboration with our Research Centre.
  • Plan for your future on an international scale100% of our graduates find suitable employment within 3 months of graduating. 


What can I do next?

Be part of a bright future

Careers and opportunities

The Master’s degree in Culinary Leadership & Innovation is recognised in France and abroad.

It offers opportunities for further studies and applied research to become a research professor, for example, or to join the R&D departments of major world groups.

It is also the perfect place for you if you intend to start your career in a variety of positions of responsibility:

  • Concept developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Research chef
  • Culinary consultant
  • Executive chef
  • F&B Manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Food designer