Meet the patrons of the new 2023 year groups

Joining Institut Lyfe means embarking on a new life experience and being part of one big family, composed of students and graduates, who all contribute to promoting the prestigious reputation of our school throughout the world. In this family, professional patrons from our industry sectors accompany students throughout their studies at the Institut Lyfe, through exchange of ideas and a special relationship.


Nadia Sammut, Chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant La Fenière, patron of the Bachelor’s degree in International Culinary Arts Management

Committed to conscious cuisine, Nadia Sammut heads up La Fenière, located in the Luberon, where she works for a better-tasting world. She is the first chef of a gluten-free restaurant to receive a Michelin star and her cuisine cultivates a holistic approach to gastronomy, taking into account the impacts of food on the environment and on health. A link in a virtuous and delicious chain, from farm to plate, with consciousness, ethics and respect, Nadia Sammut shares an inspiring mantra with our students on the Bachelor’s in International Culinary Arts Management:

“Push past your limits, break down the barriers of your constraints, impose your will, demand freedom as a right, be what you want to be. Find out what it is you want to do, and do everything in your power to achieve it.”


François Perret, Pastry Chef at the Ritz Paris, patron of the Bachelor’s degree in International Pastry Management

After working with various large brigades, François Perret was given carte blanche at the Ritz Paris to forge the new patisserie identity when the hotel reopened in 2016. He was nominated Best Restaurant Pastry Chef in the world in 2019, and in 2021 opened the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, the establishment’s gourmet pastry boutique.

We are delighted to have François Perret as the patron for our 2023 students on the Bachelor’s in International Pastry Management:

“You are entering a magical profession, which shines throughout the world, which offers more and more room for manoeuvre, a vector of French know-how, requiring effort, hard work, and consistency. With passion and commitment, your success will reflect what you have put in.”


Julien Bardet, General Manager of the Shangri-La Paris, patron of the Bachelor’s degrees in International Hospitality & Restaurant Management

With a career in hospitality since completing his studies, Julien Bardet became General Manager of the Shangri-La in 2020, a historic luxury hotel located in the French capital. With a view of the professions in the hospitality and restaurant sectors as being based on transmission of knowledge, sharing and learning, we are honoured to have Julien Bardet as the official patron of the 2023 year group studying the hospitality and restaurant industry:

“I envisage a relationship based on sharing and exchange. I have learned a lot through my various experiences but there are so many tips that I wish I had been given earlier in my career to guide my choices.”

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