Our Serial Entrepreneurs

Whether they come from a course in hospitality management, culinary arts, pastry or restaurant management, our graduates are launching themselves into the world of entrepreneurship, and we set out to meet them. Serial Entrepreneurs is what we call them! A new series of videos in which they talk passionately about the genesis of their projects.

Part 1 – Antonio & Marco

Antonio & Marco is the story of 2 brothers from the Morreale family, a family of Italian restaurateurs based in Lyon. From an early age, the dream of creating their own pizzeria was an obvious one. It was after their studies at the Institut Lyfe, Antonio in a Bachelor’s in International Culinary Arts Management and Marco in a Bachelor’s in International Restaurant Management, that they decided to set up their own pizzeria: Antonio & Marco.

Now at the head of 4 establishments in and around Lyon, and with distributors in key locations, Antonio & Marco convey the very essence of the Italian dolce vita. A colourful, good-humoured moment when you change at their place!


Único Glacier, which opened in 2016 on the lower slopes of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon, is the first establishment of Julia Canu and Tiago Barbosa, who graduated from the Bachelor in International Pastry Management in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Three years later, a second boutique was opened: Fresco Glacier, featuring Italian-style ice creams. They were then joined by Marcela Acquarone to open a third shop: Minnà Pâtisserie. Julia, Tiago and Marcela rose to the challenge, aiming to offer home-made products of impeccable quality!



Ephemera is the immersive restaurant concept launched by Jade Frommer and Annaïg Ferrand. Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality and Restaurant Management in 2020, it was during their studies at Institut Lyfe that the project came to life. Born and tested during the ephemeral restaurant creation module in their programme, they soon had the desire to launch their concept on a larger scale.

4 years after graduating, they now run 3 restaurants and employ over 150 people. True pioneers of immersive dining in France, escape for a meal at Under The Sea, Stellar or Jungle Palace, the latest addition. An exotic experience guaranteed!


See you in a few weeks’ time for the rest of our special series on Serial Entrepreneurs!

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