For their last semester of study, our students on the Bachelor in Culinary Arts Management course are invited to choose a specialisation. One of the options proposed, the specialisation in Reception Organisation by Potel & Chabot, offers our students an unprecedented immersion in the world of the renowned Caterer-Creator of bespoke events, Potel & Chabot.

Specialising in the organisation of private receptions and corporate events in France and around the world, Potel & Chabot is a key player in the high-end catering sector. This is the level of excellence at which our students will be able to develop their know-how and soft skills alongside this long-standing partner.






The specialisation in Organisation of Receptions by Potel & Chabot allows students of the Bachelor in International Culinary Arts Management to acquire significant professional experience in the field of high-end catering, developing managerial and organisational skills in particular. The programme is divided into three distinct phases to ensure this:

PHASE 1: Theory

The first phase is devoted to theory and courses in management science to introduce our students to the industry and the world of Potel & Chabot. They will also have the opportunity to have a first glimpse, in the field, of the business of organising receptions as well as the variety of professions available to them in this area.

PHASE 2: Immersion at Potel & Chabot

During the second training period, our students are invited to join Potel & Chabot and start on a tailor-made integration path across the various departments of the company. The integration then allows students to start their hands-on professional experience with better knowledge and skills.

During this immersion, our students can discover the full scope of the professions within the sector, spending 2 months in the production department, in the laboratory, followed by 2 months with support services (business, management of major events, decoration, logistics, etc.). 

PHASE 3: Placement

The last stage of the specialisation takes the form of a 6-month placement with Potel & Chabot. Students can choose to continue their experience within the Major Events department, covering the entire Rolland Garros tennis tournament for example, or join the Luxury Events hub, working on private receptions in particular. For the undecided, it is also possible to continue and further their exploration of the different departments within Potel & Chabot: major events, luxury event business, human resources, decoration, pavilion management, logistics, production, etc.




Colombe and Josué, 3rd year students on the Bachelor of  International Culinary Arts Management, have chosen the specialisation in Organisation of Receptions by Potel & Chabot. Here they give us an insight into their motivations and expectations.

By choosing this option, students demonstrate their interest in the events sector, but also have the possibility of being part of a “demanding luxury company that offers a wide selection of positions and opportunities” as Colombe tells us. Employability is also an important deciding factor for students who are leaning towards this sector.

This specialisation is also, according to Josué et Colombe: “an opportunity to understand and see the problems that you might encounter during the management of an event, to know how to manage all of the administrative part and how to create and organise all sorts of events from A to Z.”, to “discover the catering profession and all the issues of quantity control” as well as “the chance to be part of expert sales teams and develop our sense of management”.

The Potel & Chabot specialisation is also a way, for our students and future graduates, to open doors for their professional future, and for Josué, the possibility of staying with Potel & Chabot “to work on the Olympic Games in an outside kitchen, or in the sales department before continuing my Master’s studies.”

The 3rd year specialisation is the final stage for our students of the Bachelor in Culinary Arts Management before graduation. Institut Paul Bocuse offers 6 specialisations: Gourmet cuisine; International cuisine; Cuisine and culture of Japan (see our article “a semester of immersion”); Nutrition, health & pleasure; and Culinary resort management by Club Med.


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