Don’t miss out on your dream, benefit from a scholarship or bursary

Because the diversity of people and their backgrounds is a source of creative wealth, Institut Paul Bocuse is committed to defending equal opportunities.  So that the financial dimension is never an obstacle to pursuing a programme of excellence in the hospitality, food service, culinary arts and pastry professions, our School offers a scholarship programme to help you finance your studies.

The Institut Paul Bocuse scholarship and bursary programme

Thanks to the support of the G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse, all applicants who receive an offer of a place on the 1st year of the Bachelor’s programme at our school may be eligible for our scholarship programme.  This support can either be in the form of income-related bursaries or scholarships awarded in recognition of the student’s academic excellence.  Recipients also have the possibility of applying for the renewal of this financial support each year.

Thanks to donations from private individuals and companies, the G&G Pélisson Foundation for Institut Paul Bocuse has awarded 180 income-related bursaries and academic excellence scholarships since 2017.

Thanks to the Institut Paul Bocuse scholarship programme, Julie, Matthieu and Carmen have been able to make their dreams come true… and this is only the beginning!