Institut Lyfe Foundation

Founded in 2015 by Gilles & Gérard Pélisson with the patronage of the Fondation de France, the mission of the Foundation Institut Lyfe is to support the development of our school and contribute to the diffusion of French savoir-faire throughout the world. It guarantees the sustainability of the original vision of our founders, and works to ensure the social openness and diversity of our school.

Bringing to life our values of excellence, openness and daring

The vocation of the Foundation Institut Lyfe (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse) is to preserve the unique philosophy of our school by guaranteeing its independence, its sustainability and its status as a non-profit, general interest institution. Institut Lyfe is the only private higher education institution in hospitality and food service to enjoy association status under law 1901.

Promoting responsible, innovative and international education

Thanks to a committed community of corporate and private patrons, our Foundation works to create a learning environment that fosters creativity. It supports research projects on societal issues to respond to the problems and challenges of our sectors, and provides financial support to any applicant or student who can demonstrate their ambition and motivation, regardless of their social background.

Our Foundation supports 3 ambitious projects :


To ensure that cost is not an obstacle to ambition, and that surpassing limits is rewarded, the Foundation Institut Lyfe promotes an ambitious scholarship programme which each year grants Equal Opportunities scholarships and Excellence scholarships, as well as Mobility scholarships and Assistance grants during the course of study.

Institut Lyfe Foundation scholarship


SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH for a tasty, healthy and sustainable NUtrition

To develop globally recognised research on the theme of food transition, it finances projects within our Research Centre aimed at supporting access to tasty, healthy and sustainable food for all.


DEVELOPMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE to support excellence & innovation

To enrich the student experience, build the future, and attract the best talents, our foundation contributes to the development of our school’s infrastructure. It is largely thanks to the support of  its generous patrons, businesses, and individuals that our campus, Gérard Pélisson, came to life. Dedicated to hospitality and restaurant management, it features 22 classrooms equipped with the latest technologies, a 250-seat Accor named auditorium, and two training bars.

Since its creation, 12 million euros have been collected, 500 scholarships awarded, 1 research project completed and 3 theses co-funded.

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Board of Governors
Gilles Pelisson, Founder
Sylvie Pélisson, President of the Foundation
Yannick Alléno, Administrator
Sven Boinet, Administrator
Maxime Bontoux, Administrator
Dominique Giraudier, Administrator and Managing Director of the Lyfe Institute
Anne-Sophie Pic, Administrator
Ryma Prost-Romand, Administrator and President of the Alumni Association
Stephanie Rollin, Administrator
Philippe Sans, Administrator
Jean Solanet, Administrator
Nathalie Perrin, General Delegate of the Foundation

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