Discover the Nutrition and Wellness specialisation

Our students on the Bachelor’s in International Culinary Arts Management have a choice of several specialisations, depending on the path they choose (French or English): Gourmet Cuisine, Bistronomic Cuisine, Cuisine & Culture of Japan, and Nutrition and Wellness.

The Nutrition and Wellness specialisation begins in the 3rd year at Institut Lyfe on our Écully campus, and in establishments run by Michel Guérard, a chef with 3 Michelin stars and a renowned champion of healthy cooking in France.

Why choose the Nutrition and Wellness specialisation?

The close links between diet and health have been firmly established for many years now. With this in mind, the Nutrition and Wellness specialisation was created to train future chefs keen to address the major challenges in food and health.

Our programme emphasises the importance of healthy and sustainable food, a return to unprocessed products, the balance of taste and health. Through this specialisation, students are made aware of these issues and will deepen their knowledge of these critical societal challenges.

We are training the next generation of chefs, a generation whose challenge will be to create dishes that not only delight their customers’ taste buds, but also promote health and well-being. By selecting high-nutritional-quality ingredients and using healthy cooking techniques, these future chefs will play a crucial role in advancing health through food.
Nicolas TÊTE – Doctor – Permanent Lecturer in Food Science and Nutrition and head of the Nutrition and Wellness specialisation.

To meet the challenges around well-being and health through food, our students acquire a solid grounding in food science and innovative culinary techniques, while at the same time developing their creativity.

This specialisation stands out for its innovative approach, integrating health considerations into the culinary arts. Gastronomy and health are not opposites, but rather complement each other harmoniously.
Jules DURY

What will I learn with the Nutrition and Wellness specialisation?

From theory …

Plant-based cuisine, sous vide cooking, understanding fermentation and food chemistry, a culinary therapy project with obese patients, exploration of the main diets and their specific characteristics, are all modules taught during this 3rd year specialisation within the Bachelor’s in International Culinary Arts Management.

Restaurant professionals, dietician-nutritionists, university partners and associates, and chefs will be on hand to support students and pass on their knowledge, enabling them to master innovative techniques and cater to customers with specific needs.

A highlight of our third year was an enriching encounter with Michelin-starred Chef Christian TÊTEDOIE. The chef generously shared his background, inspirations and vision of contemporary cuisine, helping me to understand the importance of creativity and innovation in cooking. By stressing the need to blend tradition and modernity to create unique dishes, I was inspired by his culinary philosophy, which values local and seasonal produce. This discussion reinforced my conviction that passion and respect for ingredients are essential for success in the kitchen.

… to practice

Equipped with a firm grasp on the theory, it is off to the Maison Guérard establishments for a period of work experience, followed by a placement at the heart of the properties of this leading player in spa medicine in France, where health and service are essential cornerstones.

I absolutely loved our month of work experience at Eugénie-les-Bains in a Maison Guérard establishment. We were able to discover the whole world of a spa retreat and a historic country house, and we learned about a wide range of jobs. The teams were very welcoming and we felt very much at home there. We spent a week with Chef Mack, learning a lot about recipes and culinary techniques.
Axelle MAZEL

Publishing a recipe book: a joint student project

Throughout this 3rd year of specialisation, a project has been established in partnership with the Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie in Dietetics and Nutrition at the Lyon 1 University. This partnership enables our students to work with dietetics students and collaborate on bigger and more ambitious projects.

To mark this partnership, Institut Lyfe and the IUT Lyon 1 have published a book entitled “Les légumineuses passent à table”, featuring 32 delicious and healthy recipes created by the students themselves. This unique collection celebrates the alliance between gastronomy and nutritional science as part of an educational partnership between students from the two schools.

Order your copy (only in french)

For me, this was the most rewarding experience of the programme. We were able to create our own book, and that’s no mean feat! The project also gave us the opportunity to collaborate with the dietetics undergraduates from Lyon 1. This experience showed me that our professions are interconnected, and that we need to work together to help patients and customers understand the importance of better eating. The book features original, healthy and delicious recipes that we created based on legumes. As well as developing the recipes, we were able to go behind the scenes of publishing a book: it’s a complex process that takes time. We’re fortunate to have had this privilege, and above all to be able to make it accessible to the general public.
Matthieu BIDAULT

Are you interested in the links between nutrition and health? Would you like to broaden your skills in this sector and be a part of addressing tomorrow’s health and well-being challenges? Our Bachelor’s degree in International Culinary Arts Management, with a 3rd year specialisation in Nutrition and Wellness, will train you to become the chefs of tomorrow.

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