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At Institut Lyfe, we have a special focus on associative life, with the aim of strengthening the values of mutual assistance and solidarity, values that are essential to the development of each individual.

Curiosity, passion, openness to the world and to others, moving the boundaries: we encourage our students to invest in the associative life of the school and to lead meaningful projects by joining one of the existing associations, or by creating a new one. Being part of a student association gives you a foothold in the professional world, developing valued skills for your CV such as teamwork, budget management, decision-making.


The Student’s Union is the principal association at Institut Lyfe: bringing the school community to life and offering activities throughout the year. They are also on hand to help you integrate when you first arrive and introduce you to the other year groups.

The role of the Student Office is to organise student life and integrate all students into the school. It also acts as a link between the various student associations and supports all their activities within the school.
During our term of office, you will be able to meet up with us from September onwards during induction week to help new students understand the school and integrate more easily. We are responsible for organising the integration weekend and, throughout the year, various activities such as our presence at open days.


The Sports Union offers group sports lessons, organises inter-school matches and ski trips in winter, and gives you access to reduced rates for sporting events in Lyon.


The newly created Arts Society is an association that promotes creativity and artistic expression at Institut Lyfe. A range of the arts are represented, including music, theatre, cinema, singing, painting, sculpture and much more. The society’s administrators, Arthur and Laura, encourage creative participation from students and aim to foster an environment conducive to creative expression for everyone.


Trait d’Union is a charity that organises and supports solidarity projects. Through outreach initiatives, partnerships with Lyon hospitals, and collaborations with care homes for the elderly to promote intergenerational exchange, Grégoire, Mérine, Maëva and Elsa are committed to improving the daily lives of people in need.

Their most recent project was a collaboration with La Maisonnée, a Paediatric Medical Care and Rehabilitation facility, in order to raise awareness among children with eating disorders about balanced nutrition. The workshop helped the children to understand that they can enjoy food just as much while also eating healthily.


Les Pépins is the campus club focused on discovering and learning about wine. Offering tastings, vineyard visits, after work gatherings or conferences with professionals sommeliers, Les Pépins is a key element of the student experience at Institut Lyfe.

*Alcohol abuse damages your health, drink in moderation.


The association For A Safer Lyfe aims to raise awareness of and combat inappropriate behaviour. It contributes to the improvement of student life on the subject of justice and raises awareness on various forms of harassment. From workshops to raise awareness, to installing dispensers for menstrual products on campus, and activities led by experts such as Nightline or the AVFT (fighting violence against women), For A Safer Lyfe runs numerous schemes.


Emma-Lyle, Claire, Nathan and Claire have launched a podcast called Share Your Stars. Wherever you get your podcasts, you can find them talking about professions in the hospitality and restaurant, culinary arts and pastry sectors, with advice from professionals in our industries along with student testimonials.

Listen to the Share Your Stars podcast

Do you want to be a part of this amazing campus life? Join us at Institut Lyfe, one of our student associations and make your dreams a reality.

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