Creativity meets innovation for our Master’s degree students

To conclude their semester, our students on the Master’s Degree in Culinary Leadership and Innovation students had to rise to a major challenge, coming up with four food & beverage concepts for a hotel located in the state of Texas, USA.

A 360-degree project combining creativity and originality

Two months after the launch of the project, the concepts were presented before a jury. Over the past few weeks, our students have been working in teams to propose four food and beverage concepts to meet the requests of a Texas hotel.

From market research to immersing themselves in the local culture and food, this 360-degree project goes far beyond the simple creation of a F&B menu. The students had to create an identity for each of the four catering spaces, along with the spirit that they wanted to convey.

Keeping the local clientele in mind, our students also had to consider the uniforms, sound design, visual identity and the interior decor of their four areas. They had to showcase their creativity, originality and innovation in order to attract a Texan clientele, while providing customer satisfaction, and above all creating meaning within their concepts.

Supported during these two months by Ron Swidler, CEO of The Gettys Group Companies, an American consulting company dedicated to hotel design and development of companies in the hospitality sector, our students also had to overcome one major difficulty: never having been on site.

Within this multicultural class featuring a mix of nationalities, everyone paid attention to detail and brought their own personal touch, while ensuring coherence with the initial request.

The students presented a mood board illustrating their concept of a rooftop, cafe, bar and restaurant to a jury of professionals in the sector. The four food & beverage spaces will go on to be created within the Texan hotel complex.

The Master’s Degree in Culinary Leadership & Innovation provides a concrete and strategic vision of the food service sector and the food industry. It prepares future professionals for high-level management and executive positions, providing them with all the skills and tools necessary to adapt, evolve and build their professional careers.

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