Institut Paul Bocuse adopts AI in the kitchen to train new generation of climate conscious chefs

Through a partnership with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based food waste outfit Winnow, our students will gain first hand experience of using cutting-edge technology to run a more sustainable kitchen. This partnership was announced at Sirha’s event for hotels, restaurants, catering and gastronomy. 

Fighting against food waste

Winnow is a technology scale up that helps chefs combat food waste with analytics. Winnow’s flagship AI product, Winnow Vision, takes photos of wasted food as it’s thrown away and, using the images, the machine recognises what has been thrown in the bin. Computer Vision, the technology that enables Winnow Vision, is similar to that used in autonomous vehicles. 

Typically, kitchens can expect to cut food waste in half while driving food cost reductions of between 2%-8%. 

Institut Paul Bocuse is championing innovation by bringing food waste artificial intelligence into their student kitchens.  

  • The first step is to install Winnow’s AI solution in our Michelin star rated restaurant, Saisons, in October.
  • The second stage will take place in 2022 where Winnow’s technology will be installed across the campus, deepening our school’s expertise in food and hospitality research. 

Our students at the heart of the project

This partnership is the first time that students will gain experience in using cutting edge food waste technology in the kitchen. Our students will get first hand training in how AI can help tackle food waste in the hospitality industry. A recent report from the WWF indicates the magnitude of the issue: food waste accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.  

Students will work with Winnow by providing suggestions and input that will shape future development. 

“Deploying Winnow in our kitchens and especially in our Michelin star restaurant shows our commitment to a more sustainable industry. Our students should learn from the best innovative companies as they grow into the future leaders in the restaurant industry. We are proud to fight against food waste and we hope to roll out Winnow in most of our kitchens in 2022.” 
Maxime Moise, Chef and Strategic Partnerships Manager at Institut Paul Bocuse

“We are delighted to collaborate with an innovative technology leader like Winnow. Equipping our students with AI to reduce food waste is another step forward in providing a truly market leading curriculum. A great school must project itself into the future and in innovation to prepare the makers of our industry of tomorrow.” 
Dominique Giraudier, CEO at Institut Paul Bocuse

“It is a privilege to partner with one of the best culinary schools in the world in Institut Paul Bocuse. As we near COP26, it is clear that collectively we need to do everything we can to tackle climate change. The partnership with Institut Paul Bocuse will ensure that reducing food waste quickly becomes an industry norm.”
Marc Zornes, Winnow CEO and co-founder

To become a responsible leader

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