Innovation is at the center of Concept Design & Development Projects of our students

The Concept Design & Development projects are managed by our students in master’s degree in Culinary Innovation & Leadership. The challenge for our student is to create a food and beverage concept from scratch, including building the business plan, financing, markets studies & real-life situation. Found out more about two of those projects. 

Creativity, Innovation, Feasibility & Booza dessert truck


After 6 months thinking of the business plan, menus, feasibility and the set up of their project, our students finally launched their concept in real-life situation.

The first concept is a Dessert Truck based a product : the booza. Booza is made with Mastic, a resin that gives it gloss, and Shalap, an orchid root which gives it stretch. This ingredient is commonly used in countries with warm weather because of its resistance to hot temperatures. 

3 menus to enjoy in a little yellow vintage Citroën food truck and an indoor eating area. Patrons would find flavors with funny names like Are Zucchidding me (a zucchini booza with pepper, honeycomb and candied lemon), You’re the Zest: A Lemon booza rolled in specculous, Qashta the signature flavor of rose water and orange blossom rolled in Pistachio.

Found out some pictures of this Dessert Truck : 



Originality, Team Spirit, Bistro & Fermentation


Far away from Booza, another group has decided to create a bistro with menus designed by fermented products and fermentation techniques : Fermentory

“The idea of it comes from the childhood experiences of our chefs working with different pickling and marination techniques with their mothers in the kitchen. They want to take these childhood experiences and present them on a plate with modern elements and make people fall in love with the food.”

Fermented products, either food or beverages, constitute a significant component of human nutrition, dietary supply and calories intake in different parts of the world. In this bistro, you will find dished inspired by different countries and using several fermentation techniques to give different flavors and textures.  


If you’re a culinary visionary looking to supplement your technical expertise with a strategic understanding of the food sector and its future trends. Found out more about the master’s degree here :