FULL Immersion in the POP-UP restaurants PRIMAL AND HEAT’N’SURF  

After four days of service, the two pop-up restaurants Primal and Heat’n’Surf, created by our 2nd year students on the Bachelor’s in International Food Service Management, have closed their doors. From the Neolithic period to a tropical environment, the concepts dreamed up and developed in their entirety by our students charmed and surprised their guests.



Our students were tasked with creating their own restaurant from scratch. From the concept to the business plan – they needed to cover all fronts.

Instructions for the project :

  • Immerse diners in a unique, innovative and global experience, from the plates to the decor, taking advantage of the multi-sensory room available on campus
  • Create a restaurant concept that is viable both organisationally and financially

The students, supported by the teaching teams, then had the opportunity to work on the different aspects of creating a restaurant:

  • Defining a concept, creating a brand image with a communications strategy;
  • Creating a menu and a coherent pricing strategy;
  • Finding partners and establishing commercial relationships for the decor, tableware and all the needs of the restaurant;
  • Setting up and optimising the human resources planning;
  • Meeting safety standards.

Theory became practice over four days of opening and eight services in real-life conditions, where the students faced the challenge of truly managing their own restaurant.

Eight services to share a unique dining experience with their customers, proposing the dishes they had created and ensuring top-quality service. Eight services designed, in addition, to develop the interpersonal skills essential to their future career, with a special focus on communication and team management.

Two restaurants, two atmospheres


primal, a neolithic restaurant


Primal was a raw restaurant, with a wild spirit and a Neolithic-inspired menu. Why Neolithic? Because it represents the period when we consumed produce in a simple way, and when we first experimented with cooking. The menu created included bone marrow, ham on the bone, venison and snails.

A restaurant where the scents and the sounds propelled diners into a wild and somewhat remote natural setting!

heat’n’surf, tropical vibes at the institute


Heat’n’Surf restaurant transported its guests to the most beautiful waves in the world. A restaurant on the beach, with a menu that offered a culinary surf around the most impressive waves of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

And that little extra touch? A cabana at the entrance to the restaurant where diners could enjoy a drink before their meal, or simply relax after work in a laid back and informal atmosphere.

Understanding the challenges and realities of creating a restaurant is an essential learning process for these Bachelor’s students in International Food Service Management, 30% of whom already want to become entrepreneurs and one day head up their own establishment. They can also avail of a dedicated 4th year specialisation in Restaurant Business Management and Entrepreneurship.


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