Graduate insight with Bastien and Valentin

Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of our school. Bastien and Valentin, graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, specialising in The Hospitality Entrepreneur, have just created their own company…

You are the founders of INNKEEPER; can you tell us some more about your company?

INNKEEPER is a recruitment website specialised in the hospitality and food service industry.   
We believe it is important to support and offer well-adapted and relevant solutions to the hotel and restaurant owners who stand for a part of the French savoir-faire. We have put this support at the heart of our vision.  
By taking into account the soft skills, expertise and experience of each applicant, INNKEEPER is able to optimise the recruitment process.  These features will enable recruiters and job applicants to work together around a common vision. Such total transparency of information is beneficial to recruitment, and by making working conditions clear from the start, recruitment errors are reduced and the “matching” procedure becomes more efficient. 
The service is free of charge for applicants. Employers pay for a monthly job announcement at a variable rate depending on the type of contract offered.
We propose full-time, fixed term, seasonal, apprenticeship and vocational training contracts as well as placements. We therefore offer a varied range of opportunities that will satisfy both applicants and recruiters.

Where did the desire to become an entrepreneur come from?

Our desire to become entrepreneurs is linked to our family backgrounds. Our respective parents are entrepreneurs and most certainly have a share of responsibility in this choice we have made. Moreover, we both wanted to make the most of the time we had available during our studies. These common points served as a starting point and our synergy encouraged us to join forces. 

What does a typical day involve for you?

Our days are generally divided into two parts: 

  • A part where we contact institutions in order to offer our services.
  • A part where we seek to promote our company by creating communications content.

In addition to this, there is also the research and development part in order to improve our solution and all the administrative tasks that go with the management of a company. 

What motivated you to choose Institut Paul Bocuse for your studies? What profession were you initially hoping to work in?

We chose these studies for the rigour, the know-how and the network that it provides. The possibilities in this sector are numerous and varied, and that also guided our decision. 
When we first arrived at Institut Paul Bocuse, we did not have a target profession in mind, but we were open to any opportunities that might come our way. 

How did your studies go? What do you remember about IPB?

Our studies went very well even if at times it was complicated combining the work on our project with the academic side of things. 
We benefitted from a highly qualified teaching staff who were familiar with the reality of working in the sector, which gave credibility to the advice and teaching we received. Of course, the atmosphere within the School was far beyond our expectations. 

Any advice for future IPB students?

Yes!  Engage yourself in your studies, keeping in mind that you are actors and not just passive participants in your training.  Both positive and negative feedback should be given to the Institute.  You are part of a highly dynamic School and now is the time to contribute to its ongoing improvement. 
And above all, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!