Our network of graduates in more than 89 countries contributes to promoting the reputation our school, united around common values and visions. It favours and develops links between graduates and with students. Whether you are on a placement, traveling, or living abroad, you can always find an Institut Lyfe (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse) graduate to chat to.

The “Alumni for Good” network is:

  • Alumni Clubs organised by our ambassadors around the world, holding professional or social events, which create connections and promote networking.
  • Inspired graduates with inspiring backgrounds who contribute to your training on a daily basis: many Alumni regularly give courses and talks. They are happy to return to campus, to share their experiences and pass on their love of the profession, helping to guide you in your professional choices. Some will even act as mentors for your year group.
  • Dedicated job offers to facilitate your employability or professional mobility.


Discover the variety of careers, news and locate graduates around the world for a speedy exchange of information on the dedicated collaborative website Network:

Access dedicated social networks to facilitate interactions and exchanges across multiple themes and open access to hundreds of exclusive job offers.

Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA, 18% of our graduates realise their entrepreneurial dream within 5 years. The mobile application “Guide to Institut Paul Bocuse”, lists all the establishments where you can find our Alumni (restaurants, hotels, caterers, consulting, services, leisure, etc.) and takes you to the heart of their worlds.


Alumni testimonials

Testimonials from our graduates: