Our mission, our values

GĂ©rard PĂ©lisson and Paul Bocuse created Institut Lyfe (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse) with the shared objective of spreading the French “Art of Living”, the characteristic “French Touch”, throughout the world.


Proud of our territorial roots and a custodian of culinary know-how and the art of French hospitality at their highest levels of excellence, we are passionate about training young talents to become expert, committed and responsible future leaders and managers in hospitality. As a leader in higher education, we are convinced that training is a personal lever for progression and fulfillment for everyone. Drawing on the strength of our uniqueness, we aspire to become a driving force for innovation, evolution and excellence in the hospitality, food service and culinary arts professions, offering academic and international recognition.

Focused on the future, and with a strong sense of history, we want to look further: to clear the way for the future and reinvent the food service and hospitality professions.


Our missions 

  • Train future managers on the societal issues of tomorrow (climate, digital and social) and to pass on with passion and exacting standards the know-how and soft skills of the professions within the hospitality, food service and culinary arts sectors.
  • Cultivate the talents of each student by stimulating, through real-life application, their altruism, courage, creativity and entrepreneurship, thanks to continuous support and a personalised pathway.
  • Employ innovative and experiential teaching methods to stimulate the pleasure of learning and develop daring and excellence.
  • Attract the best talents and experts from all over the world, to pass on and evolve the skills of our professions.
  • Create a unique environment that is conducive to creativity and international outreach.
  • Promote openness to the world to enrich cultural and personal growth.
  • Guarantee high value-added employability.
  • Promote research as a lever for the development of our sectors.
  • Support professionals in training and retraining their teams.


Our values 

Four fundamental values guide each of our actions and structure our teaching approach, for an enhanced experience and renewed excellence:

  • Creativity
  • Altruism
  • Courage
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Every day, we pass these on to younger generations around the world in a spirit of generosity, discipline, respect, and ethics.


We are convinced of this, which is why we are committed to: 

Pass on our passion and our innovative and contemporary vision of hospitality, food service and culinary arts, as well as the canons and fundamentals of these demanding professions.

Encouraging you to feel free to create your own professional identity. Thanks to unforgettable real-life situations and our unique teaching philosophy, we will push you to exceed your limits. Together we will learn to dream big.

We are undoubtedly an institution with a strong heritage, but that does not limit us in any way… the classics are the foundations for our creativity!